About Institute of Development Policy Planning

IDPP is one of Mongolia’s youngest non-governmental organization to contribute to the prosperity of Mongolia, the people, education, health, equity, accessibility, environmental protection, restoration, development of an infrastructure, social growth, growing citizen participation, empowerment, capacity building of public organizations, and sustainable development goals by our knowledge, experience, skills and education which was established in June 2018.

With the tagline MAKE IT A HABIT, the Institute encourages bold and innovative thinking not only in academic disciplines but also through the support it gives to youngsters and families by way of events such as training, podcasts, public postures, and through its powerful social broadcasting.

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More concretely, the Institute’s ambitions are the following:

  • To contribute towards making public policy-making in IDPP and Mongolia as informed and collaborative as possible;
  • To develop Institutional capacity of Mongolia, especially on education and infrastructure sectors;
  • To provide platforms for intellectual and professional exchanges on critical, current and strategic issues around Mongolia;
  • To aid academic research in general through the maintenance of a research library;
  • Global research and learning organization for equitable and sustainable change;


Vice President
Lkhagvasuren Baasankhorol

Ms.Baasankhorol is a former urban planner and researcher at “Ger Community Mapping Center” (GCMC), a NGO dedicated to sustainable, equal access urban development through community engagement and participatory decision-making in Mongolia.

Her main research area cover affordable and clean energy housing solutions in Ger Area, public-private-partnerships for public housing and community planning for building the better city.

Prior to joining GCMC, she worked as an Urban Planner and Field Analyst in urban and local development projects at Urban Planning Institute from 2013 to 2017.

She has obtained her Master’s in Governance of Urban Infrastructure from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and her Bachelor’s in Architecture/Urban Planning from Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Board Member
Odbayar Misheel

– 4 Invitation TV  program broadcaster

– Radio 104 as a broadcaster. During his work, he organized a charity campaign, “My home,” with his listeners, which helped a fosterling place

– Pioneer of “Mongolian Cover” unity, the formal organizer of “Cover Night” from 2013-2018, a weekly event dedicated for youngsters’ leisure time who enjoy singing

– Founder of Bright Mongolia agency NGO

– Late Night with Miko talk show’s broadcaster

– Lantuun Dohio NGO – board member

He is currently working at “Magical House” children’s safety and development center as a president being responsible for its activities.

Board memberLkhagvasuren Anu-Ujin

Anu-Ujin Lkhagvasuren has graduated Mongolian University of Science and Technology with Bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering. She is Professional engineer and estimator.

Professional experiences
Anu-Ujin Lkhagvasuren is working as COO at Building and Urban design organization Harandaa LLC. From 2013 to 2016, she worked on Ger district redevelopment project funded by Asian Development Bank. Currently, she’s lecturer at Orgil Academy, Ulaanbaatar and project scientist of “Early childhood education for Sustainability.”

Areas of interest
Her interests include science, technology, urban development, sustainability, climate change and public policy.

Board member
Bayanmunkh Bolortuya

Bolortuya Bayanmunkh has a “Renewable Energy Engineering” profession, and she is tenured as a “Program Specialist” at “Mongolian Renewables Industries Association” and “Mongolian Wind Energy Association.” She has experiences of voluntary member at “Red cross,” “Amnesty International” as well as being a voluntary donor. And now, she is working actively on various kinds of position such as implementing diversified projects about Renewable energy, spreading valuable information to the public and operating a series of training programs. She is been supporting and working for Institute of Development Policy Planning from the beginning of its start.

Board member
Tserendorj Bilguun

Bilguun graduated from School number 93 of Extraordinary Talented Children in 2006. She received her bachelor degree in Cultural Research and Management from the Chindoa University, China in 2012. While studying at the Chindoa Univesity, she practiced kung-fu. In 2011, Bilguun became the first Mongolian who is eligible to teach kung-fu. She has been operating Lilin Kung-fu School since 2015 in order to improve education and health of Mongolian children. Between 2012-2013, she studied at the University of Sapporo, Japan. Moreover, in 2013, she worked at an orphanage center, managed by the mayor’s office of the capital city. Since 2006, she has been an active member of the Rotaract club of the Rotary International and has organized more than ten social projects and activities. Since 2017, she has been organizing an international event, the FuckUp Nights in Mongolia. She has been working as a marketing and branding specialist in domestic and international organizations.

Training Coordinator
Natsagdorj Ayushtseren

Ms.Ayushtseren is an experienced Research Analyst and training coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in Renewable energy and environment sector such as Mongolian Wind Energy Association, and Mongolian Renewables Industries Association.

Skilled in AutoCAD, Professional engineering softwares, Microsoft Office programs and strong research professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Renewable Energy Engineering from National University of Mongolia.

Her main reaseach covers off-grid and smart grid system and environmentally friendly energy solutions in rural area and energy storage systems for stabilizing the grid.

Board member
Baldandorj Ariyasuren

Ariyasuren B, Achid Consulting LLC President, is the founder of Nomadico Business Center.

In 2015, she graduated from British Columbian University in a Political science and International relations, and after that she worked as an assistant of the congressman in administration of The State Great
Parliament of Mongolia, which she experienced to be a media analyst of observational committee during an election and ballot harvesting place.

Currently, in the scope of Achid Consulting LLC’s operation, she is working on an implementation of drafts of pertinent sufficiently allotted financial project and programs.